my name is liberty mcateer.

i'm a new york based lawyer. i practice intellectual property and corporate law at barton llp, have a degree in physics and math and i'm not afraid of code. i'm passionate about privacy and security, remix culture and open-source software, new technology and vintage video games, science fiction and old recipes.

you can read my thoughts on law, intellectual property and startups here.

you can email me here here.

i built this site to act as my digital business card. i know it is not like most attorney sites, but i'm not like most attorneys.
i'm a business lawyer who codes.
my primary practice areas are software and intellectual property, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, information privacy and employment matters.

though my background is as a software developer, i work with clients in finTech, telemedicine, eCommerce, fashion, clients who are broker dealers and registered investment advisers, construction firms, online publishers, medical practices and a wide variety of online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

i have executed angel, seed and VC funding rounds representing both sides of the table, multiple corporate finance rounds and recapitalizations, numerous company sales, acquisitions and mergers, executive employment agreements in a variety of industries and negotiated well over $100M of custom software and intellectual property licensing agreements.

i also keep my programming skills current, working primarily in Node, though in the past I worked in LAMP (and in the distant past, ANSI C).

before joining Barton, I was in-house counsel for a group of tech-startups in downtown Manhattan, all of which employed Agile and TDD. as a result, i have particularly deep experience working with open source components, integrating new software into enterprise environments, ensuring that software meets regulatory requirements (including financial regulations and HIPAA) and helping developers write and understand complex API, sandbox, SaaS, PaaS and VAR agreements.

if you are building or licensing software, or if you are building, growing, financing, buying or selling a company, the strong odds are I can help.
current: associate, barton llp

former: tipping point partners
      counsel, secretary to the board,
     blip clinic legal intern,
     kenyon & kenyon summer associate,
     ny district attorney's office legal intern,
     s.d.n.y judicial intern,
     wesleyan university its helpdesk manager

brooklyn law school, j.d., cum laude
     certificate in i.p., media and info law

wesleyan university, b.a., with honors
     mathematics, physics, philosophy

bar admission: new york state, s.d.n.y.